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How Do I Get Rid of Fleas on My Dog?

Even a few fleas quickly become a big problem. NexGard® (afoxlaner) will kill the fleas on your dog quickly, and prevent future flea infestations by killing any new fleas on your dog before they have the chance to lay eggs.

What Are The Signs of Fleas on Dogs

If your dog has fleas, they might bite or chew their skin until it becomes red and inflamed. Adult fleas are small, brown bugs that jump away as you search your dog’s fur. When you brush your dog, you may also notice black flecks of flea dirt (literally, flea feces) on their fur. Check by placing those flecks on a wet towel: when you wet flea dirt, it becomes red or rust-colored.

dog scratching
dog scratching

How Does Flea Protection for Dogs Work?

When you give your dog NexGard, the active ingredient protects them by spreading throughout their body, killing fleas no matter where they bite. That active ingredient works for a month, after which your dog is vulnerable to flea infestations again. That’s why it’s important to give your dog their flea protection on a regular schedule.

Woman with her dog
women with dog

Does an “Indoor Dog” Need to Be on Flea Treatment?

In short, yes—fleas are opportunists. Even if your dog only goes outside to do their business, they’re at risk of infestations. Fleas can even “hitchhike” into a home on people, and then jump to infest dogs. An infested pet will spread flea eggs throughout the house, which can survive in your carpet or the crannies of your wood floors and then grow to infest other animals in your home. 

dog playing
dog playing

Sick of fleas? Defend your dog from tip to tail with monthly flea protection.

Make Monthly Flea and Tick Protection Delicious

Get NexGard From Your Vet

Ask your vet about NexGard—it’s the flea and tick protection vets recommend most.2

Give Your Dog NexGard

NexGard is a bite-sized dose of beef-flavored deliciousness, and dogs love the taste.1

Enjoy Protection

Each dose of NexGard lasts for a full 30 days of adventure, and you’ll love protecting your pet every month.

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